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AUX | GR 24.710.908.864.422           Start Date 01.03.2021

HANE BANK Bond Coupon asset income sharing program,


New factory test flight clocks and used aircraft

The member can have a share in the brand new aircraft fleet and second-hand aircraft.

We deal with new factory test flight hours and sale and lease of used aircraft, helicopters and spare parts and their purchase, sale, design, renovation, maintenance, financing, leasing insurance, all business tracking and taxes, brokerage consultancy service income, etc.

Air transport services and land, sea and aircraft charter services, tour arrangement, travel destination arrangement, provision of travel related tickets, courier services.

Consulting fee pay £100

by PayPal

Consulting fee pay €100

by PayPal

Banking & Finance


Member only can earn income from 

Financial Management 

Countries, institutions, private companies, holdings or personalized financial management

We offer special financial solutions for special projects

Escrow Agent 

Not sure of your contractor's integrity?

Safe and confidential transport of your money or assets

Members can use our company 

Hane Finance Limited as an escrow agency.

The escrow approach eliminates the risk of losing money due to unfulfilled obligations by your contractor.

Members only can earn income from 

Construction and Real-Estate Investment

We offer turnkey solutions for construction finance management.

With our business partner companies affiliated to our company, with our professional teams with more than 20 years of experience in the construction sector, we are building special structures that will provide you with all approvals and construction permits and new offers.

Ref : Property Investment Project in London P6 , 

Ref : Property Investment in London P7

Ref : Property Investment in London P8

Members only

More than 300 residential and business projects ready to begin construction in London, England can purchase and earn a voucher from the revenue sharing scheme.

Gift Cards

Members only can receive gifts for family, children and friends

The choice is yours .

Our professional team monitors all of your work on your behalf, whether to lease to tenants or transfer sales to ensure a lifetime income.

You can review your reports by drinking your coffee in your seat,

You can take your profit share, spend it as you wish or turn it into new investments,

Our team adopts the entire workload for you.

We wish you healthy and pleasant days

Best regards

Hane Bank Team

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