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Question 1 Who can become a member?

- +18 People over the age of eighteen and registered in a country worldwide can become a member

Question 2 Is there a subscription fee?

    - Yes, membership is paid and membership is available in nine categories.

Membership £ POUND

1 A+                 100,000

2 B+                   50,000

3 C+                  10.000

4 D+                    8.000

5 E+                    5.000

6 F+                    3.000

7 G+                   1.000

8 H+                      500

9 X+                      100

Question 3 What is HB Share Holder?

    - HB Share Holder is a variety of tickets developed by Hane Finance Limited project development system.

Question 4 What do I get if I buy the HB Share Holder?

In exchange for the ticket you bought;


 1 You may have the chance to win various gifts in the draw to be held on May 23, 2023, in line with the 12-year completion of our Hane Global company and the decision taken by the company management.

 2 You may have the chance to receive a profit share after 2026 from your progress payment corresponding to the number of shares you hold from various business projects developed by our company.

 3 In addition to these articles written on 11.10.2021 , detailed information may be published in the future . Please review later

Question 5 What other benefits will I get if I become a member?

- Hane Bank is a subsidiary of Hane Finance Limited and its parent company, Hane Global, and all of these companies operate within the Dogan Erdogan group of companies;

Our company's finance department;

Hane Finance Limited provides private finance management services within the framework of confidentiality by preparing special projects for the needs of individuals, individuals, companies, companies, institutions, institutions, government, states, foundations and foundations, and has adopted the principle of trying to help its customers achieve maximum profit with minimum costs. and aims to obtain a registered equity capital of five trillion pounds through profit sharing after 2026 for win-win purposes within the system.

Question 6 Five years later, you targeted my capital of five trillion pounds, how did you plan to reach it?

    - With the calculation developed by Dogan Erdogan, the founder, chairman and manager of our company, the total number of tokens produced and produced from each section £ , € , $ , , GL , GR and that can be produced is maximum pieces at the specified percentage rate. share is entitled.

    - The company aims to develop and establish business projects around the world with the revenues that can be transferred to the rightful owners and will be obtained from the transferred units. It aims to distribute the net profit to be accumulated in its main pool, including the profit shares that can be earned by the artificial intelligence robots that it operates, as a dividend in April 2027, following the end of 2026 in the future. We believe that the number of people who want to earn more than their expectations from our established and developing system with the large capital they hold will be satisfied with our face-to-face presentation after our personal confidentiality agreement and the large number of people around the world. We think we will reach our target

Question 7 Can I transfer or donate the Share Holder registered in my name to third or fourth parties or corporations?

   - Yes , you can transfer or donate as many Share Holders registered in your name or on behalf of your company , institution .

  - The transfer process is subject to a fee, 5% of the transferor and 5% of the transferee, a total of 10% service fee must be transferred to our company in cash, if he does not want to pay cash, he must transfer the Share Holder corresponding to the value of the transferred unit, which is The transaction means a return transfer transaction and the company has the right to make an additional 8% deduction.

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البنك والإدارة المالية ، والمال النقدي

بانک و مدیریت مالی، پول بانک و مدیریت مالی، پول نقد

банк и финансовый менеджмент, наличные деньги


banka ve finansal yönetim , nakit para 

საბანკო და ფინანსური მენეჯმენტი, ნაღდი ფული

банківський та фінансовий менеджмент, готівкові гроші